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   What on earth is DICOM?

                 DICOM is a Standard. a set of rules.
                 It allows exchange of images and associated information between imaging machines, computers & hospitals.
Medical scanners like Ultra-sound,  CT (Computed Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), X-ray..
                 store & exchange the patient images and data in a special format called DICOM. i.e.., Medical Scanners can 
                 only understand DICOM language and you need to speak in their language in order to get your work done.
                 Got it? If you are developing a software to view the patient's scanned images and related data, you need to  
                 communicate with the scanner in DICOM and get the image!

                 DICOM standard was originally developed by the members of the American College of Cardiology and 
                 American College of Radiology with the companies that manufacture medical equipment (members of the 
                 National Electrical Manufacturer's Association - NEMA) in 1984, and it was originally called the ACR/NEMA 
                 standard. Now,
DICOM has been adopted as a required national or international standard in Europe and Japan, 
                 and  as a voluntary standard in the  rest of the world. In Europe, it is known by the name, MEDICOM.

                 To learn the basics of DICOM, see:


   Why DICOM4india?

           I decided to start this site for two reasons:

                1.    My interest in DICOM in building my career in it.
                2.    To share information and that would motivate others

                that's because...

                The DICOM standard has now been implemented in an increasing number of medical products from various 
DICOM is emerging as 'the common protocol' for medical image communication - Worldwide ! 
The rapid adoption of DICOM by the medical imaging industry is opening new opportunities for 
                health care organizations to increase the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care.

                In the near future, all medical scanners will speak only in DICOM. Medical industry in India is one of the fast       
                growing industries. There will be a demand for skilled DICOM professionals in India !!


                You are welcome to post your articles related to medical informatics in this site and I'll add your name in 
                DICOM Gurus link!

                You are also welcome to post your suggestions or comments to me.